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Why I Became a Doula

I was inspired to become a doula after helping a young mother who needed advice with breastfeeding. I am a mother of three and with my first baby I was given exceptional support in learning how to breastfeed.

Learning technique and gaining confidence in the skill was crucial to my success but it was the emotional support that carried me through. Knowing that I had the support of a lactation consultant available to me whenever I needed her made me feel safe and taken care of.

My kids are school aged now and I felt called to make the leap and get my doula certification. I love doing postpartum work, especially overnight support, but I am dual certified for birth as well.

I became a doula so I could support mothers and parents as they adjust to life with a new baby. Supporting them through pregnancy and educating them about birth and postpartum is something I lacked when my birth experiences. Being able to be that person who can guide them and be available to them with any questions or concerns they have is why I do this work.

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