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Three Souls Chose Me

Updated: Jan 11

The reason that I do the work that I do is because of these three kiddos right here.

These three souls each came into our lives with divine timing. Becoming a mother to my first son happened during a time that I was seeking purpose and feeling the desire and the urge to care for a child of my own.

I have been a caretaker for children for most of my teens and my twenties as a babysitter, nanny, and teacher. I was always caring for other people's children and was feeling the aching in my heart to have a child of my own.

With each of our three children joining our family, our lives changed profoundly for the better. The struggle is real. Raising three children is hard work. But as I sit and reflect back on it, I wouldn't change a thing. Each challenge and each obstacle were lessons that strengthened our bond as a family and our confidence as parents.

I do this work as a doula because my children taught me about my inner strength. They helped me to see the confidence I carry as a mother. With that confidence, I am empowered to help others as they enter into the incredible journey of motherhood and parenthood.

Community and support were paramount to surviving the early years of infancy and life with a toddler. Having friends and peers to talk to for advice or simply to vent frustrations to is a crucial part of the support system we all need as parents. Being able to seek validation for others who have experienced what we have and are willing to share their insight and knowledge is powerful.

Empowering ourselves and others is a vital part of creating the village that we all need to thrive as parents.

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