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Six Facts about Robin

Time to share a little bit about myself. Here are 6 Quick Facts About Me!

1. I was a wedding and portrait photographer and ran my own business out of my home for twenty years. I started photographing weddings when I was in college and continued up until 2020. My bookings were cut back after my daughter was born in 2015 but the pandemic made it much easier to close up shop. I needed to be more present for my three children and take care of my home.

2. I dual majored in college so I graduated with a BS in Studio Art: Photography and a BS in Elementary Education. I taught kindergarten.

3. I am a crazy cat lady. My current furbabies are Max and Timber. I have an instagram page devoted to them because I was oversharing on my personal page. They were adopted separately but truly are brothers. I would love to have eight or nine cats if resources and space allowed. Maybe one day!

4. I traveled to Alaska in 2000 for two weeks to visit family that was stationed out there. I flew by myself and visited several mountains, parks, and glaciers. I saw several moose, did off roading and encountered a family of bears, panned for gold, went canoeing, went king salmon fishing, and had the time of my life!

5. I love gardening and am grateful for the natural therapy it provides for me. I've been collecting house plants but gardening only just started being a full time gig for me when we purchased our home in 2019. I love tending to my gardens and taking time to be outdoors and unplug as I care for them.

6. I got my first tattoo in 2013 in honor of my friend who passed away from a tragic accident. My second tattoo came the following year when my best friend died from cancer. My arms are now full of artwork that document my life experiences.

It's nice to be able to share! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit. Please feel free to share about yourselves below in the comments or DM me.

Peace and Love.

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