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More Facts About Me

Time to share a little bit about myself. Here are 6 Quick Facts About Me!

1. I married my high school sweetheart and we honeymooned in a cabin on a mountain in Nova Scotia. Long story short, he was my date to my junior prom in high school. We fell hard for each other and have been together ever since 1996. We had vacationed to Nova Scotia with friends in 2001 and on that trip we decided we wouldn't mind marrying each other.

2. Every Saturday morning as a kid I watched the Wizard of Oz and sang along to and memorized the dialogue word for word. It was a VHS recording of it being aired on tv and there are parts of the movie that I still associate with the ads that I fast forwarded through. "Coast, the crisp scent opens your eyes! Coast brings you back to life!" ha ha.

3. I had oral cancer in 2011 shortly after my second child was born. Half of my tongue was surgically removed and reconstructed. A second surgery, a neck dissection, removed twenty nine lymph nodes which were all clear of cancer. I am eleven years cancer free and credit my speech recovery to reading my sons Dr. Seuss during my recovery time.

4. Growing up I loved watching my mother and grandmother doing their hand crafts. I learned how to knit, sew, and do cross stitching from my mother and still do them today. I knit daily making squares that I hand sew together to make weighted patchwork blankets. I learned how to make baskets in home economics and have taken classes locally as well.

5. Traveling to VT the fall before we were engaged, a moose crossed the road as we were driving at night and we were inches away from hitting it. If I had stuck my hand out of my car window, I would have been able to touch under his belly.

6. Before having my tongue surgery, I loved to whistle and would do it unconsciously at all hours of the day. I miss it terribly.

Peace and Love.

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