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Birth Doula Support

I decided to become a birth doula in order to be able to offer full spectrum support to my clients. Initially, my journey to becoming a doula started with the notion of working in the postpartum niche. After researching the role of a doula, I felt it would be advantageous for both client and doula that I bear witness to their whole experience from start to finish. The insight gained through their pregnancy and birth experience would give me the opportunity to offer the best support through postpartum.

With each birth that I have attended since my training has validated my choice. I honor and respect the relationships that I form with my clients. I enjoy being an educator through pregnancy and an advocate through birth.

Each experience I have been invited into has taught me more about the birthing community and given me perspective in my role as a doula. I have immense gratitude for the families that have invited me to be a witness and aide to them during the most transitional experiences of their lives.

It is my hope that I will continue to learn from their births as much as I hope they learned from me. I hope that they have gained knowledge and peace of mind from my guidance and wisdom throughout this journey.

Most importantly, I hope they have learned to trust their intuition and have learned how strong their inner voice is when it comes to deciding what is best for mother and baby. Trusting our guts and leaning into that "knowing" is so important in motherhood.

Birth truly is an intuitive and natural process. It is truly an honor to help women as they enter into motherhood.

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