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Behind the Scenes: Sleep

I am a doula that works irregular hours. It's no surprise that napping is a side hustle of mine. Comfort is key for my sleep!

When I am finished up with an overnight shift or a birth, you can find me at home relaxing and/or sleeping. My bed is my favorite place in the whole world. Soft pillows, handmade blankets, quilts, and my cats make my bed my sanctuary.

I like having a fan on when I am sleeping. I need the cool air and the white noise to stay comfortable. Raise your hand if you're a fan sleeper too! I wrap my eyes up in a sleep mask and the back of my neck with an ice pack. Ha! I have found what works for me to have productive sleep!

My unwinding process varies depending on the shift I'm coming off of. When I'm returning home from a birth, I typically need to write and release the experience into my journal. When I am transitioning to sleep after an overnight postpartum shift, I enjoy a quiet sit, a hot shower, and time to meditate before laying down to sleep.


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