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Be a Snack Boss

Updated: Jan 4

You've heard of the "cake boss". He is the master of all things cakes and pastries. He makes it his job to be the best at baking and decorating cakes, pies, and other confectionary delicacies. He owns his title and has great pride in it. I challenge you to aspire for the reputable title of "snack boss". Oh yes. It may sound incredibly silly but hear me out. Life as you know it will forever change when you become a parent. That pretty much goes without saying. But did anyone share their unsolicited wisdom of having a snack stash always fully stocked and prepared for any situation? Consider yourself informed: snack preparedness is an essential skill as a parent. In pregnancy, snacks play a vital role throughout every trimester. Having a sleeve of saltines on hands helps curb the nausea experienced in the early weeks of pregnancy. Snacks on hand throughout the day plays a supporting role in managing your hunger as your body continues to nourish a growing fetus within your womb. In the final weeks and hours leading up to your labor and delivery, snacks will keep your body fueled as it prepares and transitions into the marathon of child birth. Once your baby is born, snacks will still be important fuel for you during the postpartum recovery process. It is so important to prepare a plan ahead of time for your postpartum nutrition because it is vital to restore your depleted body and nourish yourself back to help. Seek out help from friends and family to prep and freeze meals ahead of your labor and delivery so you are prepared with the meals needed to feed you and your family. During your postpartum rest, keep snacks around your home so that you can refuel throughout the day. When breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby, have a basket of snacks nearby that you can easily access while your baby is eating. Granola bars, trail mix, pretzels, peanut butter crackers, almonds are all quick and easy options that do not require refrigeration. Here is a list of Quick and Easy Breastfeeding Snacks that has suggestions that sound delicious and filling for a quick in between meal recharge. Once you have a toddler on your hands that is eating solid foods in addition to milk via breast or bottle, having snacks at the ready for both of you is crucial! It's not life or death here but a cranky toddler and a hangry parent is a bad combo. Keep your diaper bag stocked and always have a stash of snacks squirreled away in your purse and in your car. The all important lesson here is low blood sugar is no joke and we need to be conscious about the importance of fueling our bodies. Provide yourself with the nourishment your body needs in between meals. Stock up. Buy in bulk. Prep foods and snacks ahead of time. But most importantly, always plan ahead! Peace and Love to you all. Be well. Robin

October 25, 2022 - Newsletter 011

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