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Behind the Scenes: Podcast Listener

I love listening to podcasts when I am driving in my car or when I am working on projects around the house. There are rooms in my house that I painted while listening to podcasts and to this day, I can remember hearing Dogg the Bounty Hunter as I painted my kitchen and John Goodman and David Lee Roth were my mudroom project. Armchair Expert - Stanley Tucci, Monica Lewinsky, Matthew McConaughey, and Barack O'Bama are favorites. Physic Teachers is another favorite of mine.

Behind the Scenes: Writing

Writing became a serious passion of mine in high school and continues to be a tool of creative expression for me. In developing my doula business, I made it a priority to integrate my writing skills into my services and as a tool for growing our support community with the my biweekly newsletter. The process of writing my newsletters is personal for me as I often share first hand experiences within my own life as a mother. Some issues are practical advice while others touch o

Behind the Scenes

This right here is a beautiful scene. This is the aftermath of a family surviving a day in the life of postpartum. A family that is navigating the ups and downs of obstacles unforeseen and doing their best to get through each day. This is also the scene of me taking my "lunch break" at 2:30AM while on duty doing overnight coverage for a family postpartum. These are the quiet moments I get to enjoy in your home while you're all sleeping. Shortly after I finish up my snack of

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