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Hi, I'm Robin

Hi there! I'm Robin. I am about to celebrate my 44th birthday next month. I am a spring baby. An Aries on the cusp. I am an avid coffee drinker and take it with cream only. I prefer a flavored coffee like salted caramel or french vanilla. Grabbing coffee is my favorite way to hang out with friends and exchange conversation. At home I like to drink out of any one of my favorite mugs from my collection. Most of my mugs were made by potters that I met here on Instagram. I like b


I am grateful for this new career and for the clients who hired me to support them through their birth and postpartum journeys this past year. I am grateful for the honor of being present and bearing witness to parents meeting their baby face to face for the first time. I am grateful to have the ability to support my clients and my own family through this work. I am grateful for the time spent within the homes of families to care for them during this sacred postpartum time. #

Hi! I'm Robin!

Time to share a little bit about myself. Here are 6 Quick Facts About Me! 1. I love thrifting and in my travels over the years, I have built up quick a collection of crocheted blankets that I have stacked up in my living room and sunroom. They're great for movie nights, forts, and impromptu outdoor picnics in the backyard. I love me so granny squares and funky colored yarn. 2. My first birthday cake was a Snoopy cake and I have loved that beagle ever since. I have BIG lo

Birth Doula Support

I decided to become a birth doula in order to be able to offer full spectrum support to my clients. Initially, my journey to becoming a dou

More Facts About Me

Time to share a little bit about myself. Here are 6 Quick Facts About Me! 1. I married my high school sweetheart and we honeymooned in a cabin on a mountain in Nova Scotia. Long story short, he was my date to my junior prom in high school. We fell hard for each other and have been together ever since 1996. We had vacationed to Nova Scotia with friends in 2001 and on that trip we decided we wouldn't mind marrying each other. 2. Every Saturday morning as a kid I watched th

Birth Photography

In addition to being a birth and postpartum doula, I am also a professional photographer. I owned an operated a wedding a portrait photography business for twenty years. For clients wishing to have their labor and birth experience and their newborn baby photographed, I offer an add on service which includes my skills as a photojournalist. I support you through your labor and delivery as well as documenting it as well. The final images are professionally edited and processed

Six More Facts about Robin

Time to share a little bit about myself. Here are 6 Quick Facts About Me! 1. I had my gallbladder taken out on the 10 year anniversary of being cancer free on October 17, 2021. The universe has a sense of humor. 2. My husband was in three bands, First Amendment, Slackjaw, and Kennesaw. All touring. All amazing punk rock music. We met people that have become lifelong friends during that time of our lives. It truly was the most memorable time and I wish I could go back a

Six Facts about Robin

Time to share a little bit about myself. Here are 6 Quick Facts About Me! 1. I was a wedding and portrait photographer and ran my own business out of my home for twenty years. I started photographing weddings when I was in college and continued up until 2020. My bookings were cut back after my daughter was born in 2015 but the pandemic made it much easier to close up shop. I needed to be more present for my three children and take care of my home. 2. I dual majored in c

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