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Behind the Scenes: Gardening

I am very much a country mouse and grew up being outdoors at all hours of the day in all seasons of the year. Being outdoors is cathartic and relaxing for me. I feel very much in tune with the natural world around me. I have been a plant lady with my indoor crop of houseplants for over a decade. My love of plants has grown, quite literally, outside of the walls of my home now that we live in a house with a yard. The landscape has been a blank slate to build upon. I love creat


I am grateful for this new career and for the clients who hired me to support them through their birth and postpartum journeys this past year. I am grateful for the honor of being present and bearing witness to parents meeting their baby face to face for the first time. I am grateful to have the ability to support my clients and my own family through this work. I am grateful for the time spent within the homes of families to care for them during this sacred postpartum time. #

Behind the Scenes: Podcast Listener

I love listening to podcasts when I am driving in my car or when I am working on projects around the house. There are rooms in my house that I painted while listening to podcasts and to this day, I can remember hearing Dogg the Bounty Hunter as I painted my kitchen and John Goodman and David Lee Roth were my mudroom project. Armchair Expert - Stanley Tucci, Monica Lewinsky, Matthew McConaughey, and Barack O'Bama are favorites. Physic Teachers is another favorite of mine.

One step at a time...

Tackling it one day at a time. Minute by minute. Hour by hour. One feeding at a time. Advice for new parents. It is overwhelming bringing a new baby home after experiencing childbirth and postpartum recovery. During my most recent daytime shift with a family, I left behind a little outline of notes for them. It was a short visit but within those three hours I helped cover a feeding, supported the parents as they slept and showered, organized baby items in the nursery, and g

Prepping Bottle Supplies

Figuring out what kind of bottles your baby will take to is a bit of trial and error. There are many brands and styles to choose from. I have only used @drbrowns with my babies. I am learning about other bottle brands as I work with clients. At a recent postpartum visit, I helped the family unpack the bottles and feeding supplies that they received off of their baby registry. I took the time to disassemble and clean their bottles so we could set up a bottle/feeding stati

Behind the Scenes: Writing

Writing became a serious passion of mine in high school and continues to be a tool of creative expression for me. In developing my doula business, I made it a priority to integrate my writing skills into my services and as a tool for growing our support community with the my biweekly newsletter. The process of writing my newsletters is personal for me as I often share first hand experiences within my own life as a mother. Some issues are practical advice while others touch o

Birth Doula Support

I decided to become a birth doula in order to be able to offer full spectrum support to my clients. Initially, my journey to becoming a dou

Birth Photography

In addition to being a birth and postpartum doula, I am also a professional photographer. I owned an operated a wedding a portrait photography business for twenty years. For clients wishing to have their labor and birth experience and their newborn baby photographed, I offer an add on service which includes my skills as a photojournalist. I support you through your labor and delivery as well as documenting it as well. The final images are professionally edited and processed

Behind the Scenes

This right here is a beautiful scene. This is the aftermath of a family surviving a day in the life of postpartum. A family that is navigating the ups and downs of obstacles unforeseen and doing their best to get through each day. This is also the scene of me taking my "lunch break" at 2:30AM while on duty doing overnight coverage for a family postpartum. These are the quiet moments I get to enjoy in your home while you're all sleeping. Shortly after I finish up my snack of

Three Souls Chose Me

The reason that I do the work that I do is because of these three kiddos right here. These three souls each came into our lives with divine timing. Becoming a mother to my first son happened during a time that I was seeking purpose and feeling the desire and the urge to care for a child of my own. I have been a caretaker for children for most of my teens and my twenties as a babysitter, nanny, and teacher. I was always caring for other people's children and was feeling the

Encouragement With Bottle Feeding

Feed the baby. Wash the bottles. Dry the bottles. Portion out the formula. Mix the bottles. Feed the baby. Repeat. I have a client who is a nurse and she has an excellent system in place for her baby’s bottle preparation. I’ll post more on the details at another time but wanted to share a snapshot of her setup. The cycle of feedings can feel never ending. Finding ways to make it easier by having a system in place will help! Breastfeeding? Have a similar setup with the item

Benefits of Hiring a Postpartum Doula

The reasons for hiring a doula for postpartum care are hugely beneficial. Having an extra set of hands to help with household chores, tend to baby, and prepare meals during the day is incentive to hire someone for daytime coverage. Overnight coverage is my favorite option because it gives both parents the opportunity to get much needed sleep. Whether your baby is breastfed or bottle fed, having a doula assist at night will give new parents the restorative sleep they need to

Why I Became a Doula

I was inspired to become a doula after helping a young mother who needed advice with breastfeeding. I am a mother of three and with my first baby I was given exceptional support in learning how to breastfeed. Learning technique and gaining confidence in the skill was crucial to my success but it was the emotional support that carried me through. Knowing that I had the support of a lactation consultant available to me whenever I needed her made me feel safe and taken care of.

Client Testimonial: Kendall

I am so grateful for the families that welcome me into their lives and personal space to help them through the postpartum process. Being given the privilege to stay within their homes to care for their babies is the most fulfilling role. #withinmotherhood #doula #doulasupport #postpartum #postpartumdoula #ctdoula #overnightcare

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