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Prepping Bottle Supplies

Figuring out what kind of bottles your baby will take to is a bit of trial and error. There are many brands and styles to choose from. I have only used @drbrowns with my babies. I am learning about other bottle brands as I work with clients. At a recent postpartum visit, I helped the family unpack the bottles and feeding supplies that they received off of their baby registry. I took the time to disassemble and clean their bottles so we could set up a bottle/feeding stati

Encouragement With Bottle Feeding

Feed the baby. Wash the bottles. Dry the bottles. Portion out the formula. Mix the bottles. Feed the baby. Repeat. I have a client who is a nurse and she has an excellent system in place for her baby’s bottle preparation. I’ll post more on the details at another time but wanted to share a snapshot of her setup. The cycle of feedings can feel never ending. Finding ways to make it easier by having a system in place will help! Breastfeeding? Have a similar setup with the item

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